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About Us

          WALLOFLIONS, LLC. aims to provide leaders with a framework to build success. The company includes three main departments: WoL Consulting, WoL to WoL Travel and the Lion Health Initiative. WoL Consulting provides professional business services to assist with projects and strategic planning. WoL to WoL Travel coordinates travel planning and booking services. Thirdly, the Lion Health Initiative proudly provides services to youth and community development programs in New Jersey and other communities.

Business Graphs
Business Graphs

Our Background and Growth 

       WallofLions, LLC was initially incorporated in 2018 as a consulting company which provided resources and knowledge from various academic and professional sources to developing communities, social service agencies and public systems. Since then, the owner and team have gained experience working with non-profits, private companies and start-ups. Industries we have successfully worked with include behavioral science, social work, public policy, healthcare, entertainment, retail and business administration. Our consulting services help provide strategic C-level guidance by reviewing financial statements and company processes. This includes forecasting, implementing administrative or financial tactical plans and investigating outcomes. Our diverse background is used in combination with project management tools and other software to help coordinate the next steps in your current project. We enjoy working with people as they incorporate ideas and develop their goals. Our objectives are solution-based and focus on environmental, social and governance factors to ensure sustainability. 


      The Lion Health Initiative (LHI) was created to provide private wellness services and community supports specifically to non-profits, healthcare organizations, public systems and community service entities. Services under LHI include mentoring, professional development and consulting at discounted youth service rates for those 25 years of age and under. The department titled the Lion Health Initiative will continue to work with non-profits, youth and community building projects as the WoL Consulting and WoL to WoL Travel departments create their own strategic plans. Creating separate departments and entities will allow for more focused growth and team development. The future is bright and the team at WallofLions, LLC. is excited to grow with our partners and community stakeholders. 

       While working with executives we found self-care to be an often neglected part of a manager's life. WoL to WoL Travel builds itineraries and provides trip planning and booking consultation services so our clients can focus on themselves and the purpose of their trip. Getting the most out of travel can include attending all meetings or points of contact, finding leisure time to spend with loved ones, completing excursions, personalized dining experiences or whatever our clients decide is important. We love to create rewarding experiences and memories. WoL to WoL Travel is open to the public, so feel free to reach out to get started.    



Who We Are

Community empowering organization!

How We Do It

Plan your objectives and key results with quality controls and timed deadlines.

What's in It for You

Organization and space to brainstorm innovation.

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