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Lion Health Initiative

           The Lion Health Initiative provides wellness checks through authentic engagement and mentoring. Our focus is on finding resources to address difficult situations, knowledge building and linking youth to supports to address Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in New Jersey. Our service includes an assessment focusing on 15 life domains and the benefits listed below.

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Specialized Mentoring- Assigned a community mentor experienced working with youth. Mentors are trained on a 15 domain assessment tool geared to help organize sessions.

Excursions- Opportunities to be outdoors, attend sporting and entertainment events and find local community programs.

Resources- Link to community supports that will help you thrive. Find resources to help get to the next steps in your objectives.

Reach out to Email@walloflions.Info or send a message in the chat box below for additional information, hourly payment rate and enrollment process.

BENEFITS of Participating

Access Available Supports

-Specialized mentors help youth develop their strengths and promote authentic youth engagement to build rapport.

-Participants can request assistance with obtaining vital documents to prepare for future goals such as applying to schools or employment planning. Mentors can help find resources, apply for social services or create a to-do list with objectives and key results to achieve goals.

-Mentors can assist youth with developmental disabilities or low I.Q.s increase independence at their pace. Mentors will help participants practice skills being taught by clinical team members in supervised real-life settings.

-Mentors can help youth involved in delinquency, community-based trauma and situations which put personal health and wealth at risk of being incapacitated through exposure to ACEs.

Wellness Check-Ins

Check-ins include productive conversations and planning for the future at youth’s pace. The sessions are meant to promote finding safe spaces and strategies to meet behavioral health goals. Mentors assist youth by assisting with the planning process through activities.

Financial Wellness Chats  

Financial wellness check-ins including identifying areas a participant wants to learn more about related to financial literacy. Participants will be linked to various financial informational sessions. Mentors can also discuss the Keys to Your Financial Success guide where participants walk through keys and discuss concepts during sessions. Investment advice is not provided.

Educational & Vocational Planning  

Mentors can help outline educational and vocational goals.

Set a timeline, find the process and start!

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